Friday, October 16th, 2009

studiodish3StudioDish has been an exciting large-scale project that has crossed over multiple platforms that we have been intimately involved in almost every aspect of — at least from the design, development, and deployment side.  While primarily built-in WordPress Mu, the community  integrates KickApps, premium WordPress marketplace customizations, and a third-party store-locator app called Xtreme Locator, as well as many bleeding edge modifications from the WordPress Mu development community.

studiodish2StudioDish is a blogging community for potters, craftspeople and artisans to showcase, sell, and talk about their work.  Erin has a background in pottery, so this was a great opportunity to bring in some of our multidisciplinary backgrounds and apply them to web design.

For StudioDish, we built a WordPress theme for the main site, a variation for the signature blog, Main Dish, a free variation and a marketplace variation for artists who wanted to offer a shop to sell their art.  We also designed another customized marketplace theme for PicassoZ Art Cafe, and other premier subscribers.

This has been a challenging and rewarding project that we’ve had a lot of fun with, and it has been a real treat to keep up on exciting new development in the WordPress Mu community.

WordPress plugins used: WP-sIFR, cforms, SimplePie, WP-o-Matic, Sociable, among others

Redneck Village

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009


redneckvillage2Redneck Village was an existing site that was primarily a niche community built on KickApps with a front-end which had some custom widgets from the site. They really wanted a new take on their design that wasn’t as redneckvillage3cartoony as the existing design and possibly opened up some more possibilities for community interaction, and articles. We took the concept they were using and built the front end in WordPress which dynamically expanded their options for making content available, as well as giving us the opportunity to work with various templates for different categories of content.

We were also able to offer some direction for possible expansion of the site and we did a revised version of the logo for use on merchandise they wanted to sell. We were even able to recommend Zazzle over CafePress for quality and easier customizability.

Platform: WordPress, KickApps.
WordPress plugins used: Event Calendar, Google Analyticator, TDO Mini Forms

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